Accessible and secure Bitcoin cold storage

IcyWallet is a Bitcoin cold storage wallet that doesn’t require sight. It aims to be the simplest and most secure Bitcoin cold storage solution with a total emphasis on accessibility. Just plug in headphones and a keyboard, or a refreshable braille display, and get going.

An IcyWallet device, angle view An IcyWallet device, top view

Project Status

As of September 2019, development work continues (with compatibility testing against the Raspberry Pi 4). Watch this space for updates, or keep an eye on the GitHub repository to view the latest in-progress code.


How It Works

The IcyWallet software is designed to run on a Raspberry Pi, specifically one that will never be connected to the internet (a so-called air gapped device). In theory you could run the software on anything, but everything has been designed with the Pi in mind. IcyWallet will securely generate private keys and store them on the device, and issue a mnemonic seed for safe and convenient backup.



This project is licensed under the MIT License.


IcyWallet is a Neatnik project, by Adam Newbold.