Accessible Bitcoin cold storage

Finally, a Bitcoin cold storage wallet that doesn’t require sight. From seed to spend, IcyWallet aims to be the simplest and most secure Bitcoin cold storage solution—with a total emphasis on accessibility. Just plug in headphones and a keyboard, or a refreshable braille display, and get going.

An IcyWallet device, angle view An IcyWallet device, top view


How It Works

IcyWallet is a cold storage solution, emphasizing safe storage of Bitcoin in the most accessible way possible.

The IcyWallet software is designed to run on a Raspberry Pi, specifically one that will never be connected to the internet (a so-called air gapped device). In theory you could run the software on anything, but the Pi is the intended use case. IcyWallet will securely generate private keys and store them on the device, and issue a mnemonic seed for safe and convenient backup.

Spending from IcyWallet isn’t as simple as using a hot wallet, but the process is a reflection of the secure nature of an air gapped setup. To spend coins stored in IcyWallet, the transaction must first be generated on a separate computer connected to the internet (defining how many coins to send, where to send them, and the fee to be used). That transaction is then read by IcyWallet (via USB) and signed with your private key. Finally, the signed transaction can be broadcast from the other internet-connected computer.

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Chat & Support

We’re using Keybase Teams for project communication. Join the IcyWallet team if you’d like to chat!


Current Status

Development is underway and you can view the master branch commits for the latest activity. The master branch is the active development branch, which should should not be used with coins (but is ideal for testing). There is no stable release at this time.

Build Status Dependencies Status Known Vulnerabilities


Item Status Notes Updated
Wallet generation Complete Private key generated and stored 2017-11-21
Mnemonic backup seed process 90% Wrapping up confirmation process 2017-11-21
Speech synthesis process Complete Combined with localization 2017-11-25
Language localization process Complete Combined with speech synthesis 2017-11-25
Config: Language 10% 2017-11-26
Config: Voice speed 10% 2017-11-26
Config: Refreshable braille display model Pending
Fee estimation Pending
Data movement process Pending
Transaction signing Pending
Upgrade process Pending



This project is licensed under the MIT License.


IcyWallet is a Pug project, by Adam Newbold.